Triple-Threat Tania Vinokur Found on ReverbNation

Triple-Threat Tania Vinokur Found on ReverbNation

via Tania Vinokur’s Facebook

While discovering new musicians in the world of ReverbNation, I have found some funky, some jazzy and now I’ve found some beautifully modern violin pop, as I refer to it. Tania Vinokur is a statuesque violinist out of Israel. She creates a dancy, lilting sound fitting for any situation. The songs she creates are both dramatic, fun, and romantic. It’s a wonder that there are not more violin/electronica pairings out there.

Vinokur is a multi-disciplined firecracker trained in violin, ballet, percussion and a myriad of other instruments, including vocals. She was born in the Eastern European country of Moldova, then moved to Israel with her family at the age of five. Since then she has become well-versed in the aforementioned instruments and dance. As a multi-cultural artist she says people inspire her, and musical abilities can fit into any community, world-round. I would describe her music as a mixture of dance, Latin, and Arabic pop; it’s something you can dance to, jog to, cook to or sleep to.

I asked her about what makes her tick, and she was pretty candid. When warming up before a show she does “violin exercises while tapping with my feet and humming the alphabet – all at the same time.” Of course, only a small amount of talent is what we’re born with, and Vinokur reflects on her first memories with the violin.

“When I was three years old I grabbed my mom’s violin, while they had a break in their rehearsal, and started what I thought at the time was ‘playing’. My parents came into the room and that very second it was decided to put me in for auditions for the best music school in Moldova.  At that same time I started dancing as well and my memories from 6-7 years old is dreaming and creating visions of big shows with lights, costumes, dancers and music. Needless to say that it kind of picked me and not the other way around.”

Every artist’s journey is unique, and that is often a large part of what makes their music beautiful.

“Every creation has its own story I enjoy every single time from each journey – if it’s the groove that makes me move or the melody, I like to explore ’til it’s perfect (which it never is) but the most important for me is the process that every song makes me go through. Te Quiero I have to say was the most therapeutic in terms of the reason why this song needed to come out and what it made me realize about myself and confront while I was working on that. I guess that’s why now I feel people connect to it.”

Her views on how her music fits into different cultures suggest that she has a cautiously optimistic outlook of her limitations in today’s market. “I would like to believe that my music is about the fusion, connecting styles, arts, instruments, people and their enjoyment with no geographic or linguistic boundaries. I was received beautifully in Thailand as I was in Cuba and Italy and I’m hoping to reach and connect to a wider audience through the music,” and she implores readers and musicians alike to “believe that anything is possible.”

Fifty years ago it was common for a triple-threat like her to be in movies along-side Rock Hudson or Gene Kelly. These days, though, talent is less of a requirement to make it big, rather than connections. While connections to the top these days are generally scarce, and fame seems to come at random, I hope to shed some light on Vinokur to scenes in America. In an effort to branch out to more markets, she currently resides in New York.

She has multiple songs to listen to which span a variety of avenues to showcase her talents. I asked her if she might be touring anywhere nearby soon, and she assured me that she would work on it. Until then, I hope to see an album come from her, and look forward to talking to her again.



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