Pullman Strike Album Preview: Silver Lining – Out January 6th

Have Pullman Strike Recorded the First Great Album of 2015?

There are still a couple of weeks left in 2014, but I’ve already heard an album that will be a contender for my Best of 2015 list. Pullman Strike will be releasing Silver Lining on January 6th, 2015, and it’s the group’s sophomore effort following up on People We Know from 2011. During the past three years, the guys wrote some amazing songs that really showcase their talents and prove why they are among the best groups in the area.

One of the best things about Pullman Strike is that they don’t sound like any other band. They provide a fresh sound that seamlessly blends multiple styles of music together, almost so smoothly that they have created their own genre. You’ll hear hints of country, rock, blues, folk and alternative throughout the album’s nine songs.

This five-piece takes advantage of the talent and creativity within the group by having two vocalists and a pedal steel guitarist on top of the normal guitar, bass and drum set-up. This is a style of music fans of any of the genres listed above can easily get hooked on.

I’ve listened to this album many times through already and the first thing that stands out to me are the melodies. These songs are packed with some of the most hypnotizing melodies I’ve heard in a while, not only in the vocals but on the guitars and pedal steel as well. Every time a chorus kicks in you’re bound to be bobbing your head and tapping your foot.


You won’t hear any flashy, show-off style on the album, but you will hear a few guitar solos  by vocalist and guitarist Neil Mauney that take the songs to another level. Wes Hamilton is part of the unique sound the band has with his pedal steel guitar, while Even Stepp adds to the country vibe with a twangy guitar and southern-style vocals. Drummer Daniel Beckham and acoustic guitarist/bassist Dan Smith are the driving force behind the bands music, providing the solid rhythms for the others to add great melodies and lyrics on top.

I get chills during the guitar solos, get lost in the pedal steel, feel a connection with the lyrics and tap along to the drums every time. Pick up a copy of Silver Lining when it is released on January 6th and I’m sure you will experience many of those same feelings. The band is playing a CD-release show on January 10th at the Neighborhood Theater with Sinners & Saints and Truckstop Preachers. Don’t miss out on what will be an amazing show, and your chance to pick up the new album!



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