Charlotte’s Locals Take Over Amos’ Southend (21st Century Goliath Album Release Party Review)


The local Charlotte music scene shined on a cold rainy night at Amos’ Southend recently. Four of the area’s most entertaining bands took the stage to help celebrate the release of 21st Century Goliath’s second album, Back With A Vengeance. In addition to 21CG, Beyond the Fade, Dirty South Revolutionaries and The Seduction all came to party along with tons of supporting fans and members of multiple bands also from Charlotte that were not playing that night. The scene will only grow stronger with the continued support like this, and other bands can learn a lot from these four groups – they are some of the hardest working musicians in the city.

The Seduction_7

The Seduction started the night off right with a set full of rock ‘n’ roll spirit. This band takes everything rock is supposed to be and pushes it to a new level. The guys were a late addition to the show as another band had to drop out, but they were the perfect band for the job.The four piece hit the stage armed with loud guitars producing catchy riffs, ferocious drumming that kept the beat going, and chest pounding bass to get your heart racing. This was my first time seeing this band play live, although I have heard recordings before. By the end of their set I was ready to smack myself for not going to a show sooner. This is a group that has a very bright future, if they keep producing live sets like this one.


Next up was a group of hradcore punk rockers that have become kind of a legend around the Queen City, Dirty South Revolutionaries. From the second they started playing, they assaulted the ears of those in attendance with a style of punk that has been underground since it’s conception. On top of frantic drumming and chunky guitar riffs, the duo of Johnny Moss and Adam Lane sang and screamed their way through the set that took everyone by storm. This was another band that I had only heard recordings of prior to this night, and I’m sure their regulars could tell who all the newcomers like me were, as we were left with our jaws on the floor from the insanity that ensued on stage. This is a band that doesn’t play by any rules – which was made pretty clear when vocalist Lane said they “We’re doing this the punk rock way and have no set list. We’re just going to play whatever we feel like playing.” They kept the party rolling at high speeds with their set.


Beyond the Fade was up next, setting a completely different tone to the show than either of the previous two bands. These guys are a modern hard rock group that is gaining tons of momentum in the Charlotte area with their ever growing fan base. While the style wasn’t the same as The Seduction or DSR, they still kept the pace going at a high level by composing a set full of songs featuring a thumping and upbeat bass, pounding drums, melodic guitar harmonies and shredding solos, coupled with clean vocals full of hooks to go on top.
You could tell they had a big group of fans in the house. The people in front of the stage were dancing and singing along to many of the groups tunes. They played mostly original songs, but also threw in covers of “Life is Beautiful” by Sixx:A.M. and “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol. By the time their set was over, they had won over many members of the audience that weren’t already fans, and had put on one of their best performances to date.


The reason this whole show was set up, the reason all these people had came out in the cold, rainy weather, and the reason this night was so special was all because of 21st Century Goliath. This is one of the (if not the most) hard working bands on the scene, and they went all out with this performance. After releasing one of the best rock albums I’ve ever heard, Back With A Vengeance, they threw this massive party to celebrate. This show was full of the usual intensity the five piece brings to their set, but with some added excitement. After opening with the title track of their new album, they ripped through a set of both old and new tunes, pleasing all the longtime fans that were in the house.


Combined with the throwback sound of the music, which was filled with skull crushing riffs by the lead guitars, grooving beats by the rhythm section, and lyrics about sex, cars, drinking and what rock ‘n’ roll is all about, the band had some crazy props. A giant gladiator style helmet sat atop a steel beam in the back corner of the stage with a glowing red light underneath, and a boombox with the word “Dead” spray painted on it  was destroyed on stage with a baseball bat by vocalist Tony Leone during the appropriate titled “Radio Destroyer”.  Topping everything though was the giant skull faced rocker mascot Charlie Guns. He appeared behind the drums with his glowing red eyes and enormous body which sported a leather jacket, while headbanging to the bands music. The band went all out and exhausted themselves on stage, making sure the fans got more than enough entertainment for the price of admission. This is band to be on the lookout for big things to happen in 2015.

Many Charlotte rockers descended upon Amos’ Southend, some to play while others were there for support, a very special night for one of Charlotte’s best bands. The lineup was one of the year’s best, and the show ended up being one big party. If you missed out on this one, you missed out big time. From The Seduction rocking their old school style, to DSR turning the show into punk rock riot, to Beyond the Fade bringing it back to modern times with their brand of hard rock, to 21CG reminding people what rock ‘n’ roll is all about – this was a show for the ages.

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