Preview: Captured! By Robots, Ghost Trees & Hectorina at The Milestone 11/6

Captured By Robots (19)

Captured! By Robots photo by Kim Cassanova

This coming Thursday, November 6th, is quite an intriguing line-up at The Milestone. Headlining the list are the misanthropes: Captured! By Robots. They’ll be featuring their clashing and vocally intrusive music, while insulting us all for being puny non-robots. They’ve taken time out for touring after updating their look and recently releasing their band documentary: ‘C!BR: Unmasked!’. This documentary showcases the history of the band and the numerous members who have been upgraded, downgraded, outmoded and enslaved. Frontman JBOT is currently backed by robots DRMBOT 0110 and GTRBOT666, though if you ask them, it could be the other way around.  If you haven’t heard them and especially seen them live, then you’re missing out on a spectacle of robotics, slavery, politics and satisfying noise rock. They’ve been going strong since ’96 and came all the way from the West Coast; see them now or you’ll be waiting for robot take-over.

Ghost Trees

Ghost Trees photo by Jordan Fogal

Joining the troupe is Ghost Trees and while some of you may consider supernatural botany rather dry, Ghost Trees is anything but. The six-piece group has apparent roots in blues, many tracks full of female vocals with trademark blues elements. With an almost psychedelic music bed and soulful vocals, their live performances are softer than C!BR, but still full of energy. I personally enjoy their folkiness the most and would recommend them for their almost grungy instrumentation. They aren’t what I’d first expect to come out of Kentucky, but they’re even better than a horse race or chicken.

Hectorina photo by Juan Ossa

Charlotte’s own Hectorina is on the bill and they’re sure to be playing tracks from A Thousand Jackals, my favorite album of theirs. Their music features hard distortion with folk influences. The vocal melody contrasts well with the music of some songs and creates an overall well-balanced composition. The group has really been pushing for more bookings and touring for months now, with reason. I support this adamant push to be heard because just like the other bands on this show, they may not be very well-known, but they deserve to be. They also have a couple new videos with some awesomely abstract visuals.

We’re lucky to live in a city full of local music and in one large enough to attract both large bands and lesser-known acts. If you’re interested in noisy, soulful, or thrashy music with a twist of eye-boggling stage-work, you should be there on Thursday. Maybe you could take advantage of the Milestone’s new, old school, arcade cabinets between sets, or before the show. As always, tip your bartender, support local bands and venues and discover new music!

Doors open at 8:00 PM, tickets are $10 and it is an 18+ show. For more information on the bands, venue or to order tickets online, check out the Facebook event Here.





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