Album Release – Hungry Girl “Chiefs”

I took my first bite of Hungry Girl about a week ago, and have been craving more. Luckily for me, and all of their other fans, they release their album ‘Chiefs’ this Tuesday, the 21st. During my sneak peek, I was glad to hear that they maintain their consistent sound of clicking accidental harmonies, which separate and meet on a bed of driven bass lines, awash with satisfying drums.

Ego City is the first track on the album, and has to be my favorite because of the potential social commentary and how tight of a package it is as a song. Dede Skip’s vocals are a big piece of the pie here, and they support lyrics that I can’t help but allow run rampant through my mind while I write this. The album progresses from a lively first track, through The Hunter’s crescendo of excitement. They then take time to bring the listener back to Earth throughout the meat of the album, until finally bringing it full-circle with a high energy finishing track.

When I spoke with Jimmy Blaze about the new release, he referred to the process as “wanting to write a great song every time we make a new song […] DeDe is always writing, always creating, always practicing. We just try to balance each other out.” He mentions that, during the phases of their recording process, the need to maintain a creative balance often comes up, perhaps an obstacle to overcome, and in the end creates the snap to their music that I am drawn to. When it comes to being a musician, Blaze explains “it might sound lame but we are just normal dudes who love music and try to make it on our own terms whenever we can; and we have normal life and day jobs and pets and shit that take up time outside of that.”

Until you’ve given Hungry Girl a listen yourself, you’ll have to take my word for it that Skip and Blaze are creating a microcosm of narrative and rhythm. Their single The Hunter is available now on SoundCloud, and provides a good example of what to look forward to, while exposing the album cover of a black cat’s paws mashed atop a scanner (I learned that this cat is #johnwaynethecat on Instagram. He’s apparently on every Powerstance album, even if you can’t hear him, he’s there).

In the past, Hungry Girl has released the albums ‘Fess Up’ and the ‘Baba’ ep, named after Skip’s grandmother. When taking a journey through their previous works, it’s easy to see their ability to emit a folk rock influence in ‘Fess Up’, and on down the road to cacophonous and even more expressive songs in ‘Baba’. Skip’s clear vocals stand tall with the percussive rhythm in Blaze’s hands, which provide the listener with a meal of many nuances, especially heard in ‘Chiefs’.

Hungry Girl came alive in Charlotte in 2011, and have recorded multiple eps under Powerstance Clan. They share the scene with the bands Les Wright, Columns, and One Another, the latter of the two which Skip plays in and Blaze collaborates with. ‘Chiefs’ is the thirteenth release under Powerstance. While they’re in great company, they have a sound all their own, and are teasing their listeners by giving them just enough to whet their appetite, but come clawing for more. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting so many more songs and albums from Hungry Girl in the future, but we all know that there’s no point in pushing their great quality aside for the sake of our greedy palates. As sung in the song I’ve Been With Your Man, on ‘Chiefs’: “you know how to beg,” but don’t make us, Hungry Girl.




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