Lovesick Radio: When Genres Collide

While some music lovers are strictly fans of certain genres of music and usually don’t stray too far from them, some people dive into a little bit of everything. The same can be said for musicians; most have influences from multiple styles of music and try to get a little of everything into their own songs. There have been tons of experiments to mash up different styles of music to see what works and what is a complete fail, but one band has taken all their influences from various styles of music and mixed them together to make a unique sound that will have most listeners hooked.


Lovesick Radio formed in Columbus, OH back in 2006 and have been writing great music, traveling the world playing shows, and gaining fans all over the globe since. Currently hailing from Las Vegas, the quintet combine rock, pop, alternative, and even a little hip-hop into their music to give them a one-of-a-kind sound that has helped catapult their career into the mainstream. The guys have a pretty decorative resume. They have opened for the likes of Bon Jovi and Kid Rock, as well as have played at some of the biggest music festivals in the world including the July 2012 Vans Warped Tour and the Changjiang International Music Festival in China. Some of the festivals the group have played put them on the same stage as David Cook, Hinder, Three Days Grace, Blue October, and even Justin Bieber. These guys seem to have found the right recipe for writing popular music and if they keep it up, they could be headlining one of these festivals soon.

The guys recently worked with producer Warren Huart, who has worked with Aerosmith and the Fray, to record two tracks that were recently released on iTunes. “Numb Me Up” was the first single released back in October of last year. It has a very poppy sound to it, combining a  build-up style verse with a very catchy chorus that will have you singing along by the end of the track. “I’m Me” was the other song recorded and released at the time. This song features a country sound to the music while the vocals tend to stray to the hip-hop genre. The guys also released a full-length album back in 2009 titled Heartbreak 4 Dummies, which featured the hit “Boys Don’t Matter.” The album is full of diversity, ranging from more upbeat rock like “Better Off Alone,” to slower ballads like “Loser of the Year,” and a cover of “Take Me Home Tonight,” originally recorded by Eddie Money. If you’re a fan of pop punk, or alt rock, this will be an album you love.

Sometimes when a band tries to mix music styles together, it can be a huge failure. While other times it can make them superstars, just look at Linkin Park. Although Lovesick Radio hasn’t reached that much success yet, they could be well on their way with the bands unique blend of pop, rock, alternative and hip-hop in their music. This is a band that is worth checking out if you like that kind of thing.  Make sure to watch out for them on tour to catch one of their shows, as much as this group hits the road they are probably headed your way soon.



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