WD-HAN: For the Love of Music

What makes a band good? I could ask one hundred people that question and get one hundred different answers. That’s part of the magic of music, everyone has their own taste and feelings about the bands and artist they love. If you were to ask me that question, I would have to say that the best music you will ever hear is from a band that has passion. Sure there needs to be some skills and good musicianship involved, but you can immediately tell the difference between a band that is playing music because they love it and it’s fun for them, and the ones that are doing it for other reasons. When I checked out the music on WD-HAN’s Reverbnation page I could tell that this group was one of those bands that is very passionate about their music.

WD-HAN are a three piece from Clearwater, Florida that  have elements of rock, pop, and alternative in their sound. So what makes this band stand out from the hundreds of others with similar style? This trio has great chemistry together, are incredibly talented, and all love the music they make. When guitarist Cal Henry met drummer Lea Campbell in school they clicked instantly and started playing some small gigs doing covers of the musicians that inspired them, like Jimi Hendrix. Having no expectations of becoming the next big rock group, they made sure to have lots of fun and not take their music too seriously. That led them to meeting vocalist Spencer Barnes, who made an immediate impact on the band with his one of a kind voice. The three started playing together and writing more songs while still showing respect to the artists that they love by doing some amazing covers of classic tunes as well.

The trio has the ability to go from a song full of high energy hard rock guitars and drums, to a more poppy style that would fit in with some of the most popular current hits. Most of their music is somewhere in between those two extremes though, while also adding a little alternative vibe to the mix. The layers of guitars that pour out of your speakers will make you think there are at least three guitarist in the group, but Henry is the only one providing those sweet riffs and crazy effects. When you think of female rockers, they all seem to be vocalist and/or guitarist, not in this case. Campbell proves that girls can rip it up behind a drum kit just as well, or better, than any guy out there. Her playing is steady and it’s hard not to pay attention to, she’s definitely the backbone in this outfit. One thing I don’t like about most newer rock bands out today is that most of them sound the same, even the singers. Barnes has a voice like no other, and uses it to immediately catch the attention of anyone listening. He highlights the uniqueness of his voice with his vocal melodies that flow perfectly with the music. With a full length album in the works, I can’t wait to see what’s next for this group.

If you’re tired of the same old overplayed, cheesy pop songs all over the radio then give WD-HAN a listen. They’ll provide a fresh sound for your ears that will leave you craving more. You will also be able to instantly see how much passion this group has for the music they play compared to the money hungry radio stars. I’ve learned that checking out one new band a day is good for you, make WD-HAN that band for you today.

Their new album King of Castles just came out, pick up a copy!