Alien Ant Farm Land In CLT – They Come In Peace

Alien Ant Farm Land In CLT – They Come In Peace

By: Dianna Augustine

OIL (5)

Another nostalgic show at Amos Southend in the beautiful city of Charlotte happened this past week. Alien Ant Farm is back with a new single and album dropping any moment. Let’s hope next time Charlotte will actually show up to experience it. To those not at the show, I’ll break it down very simply; the show was chock full of fun.

The music was raucously loud; bands collectively gave CD quality live performance. Listening took me back to a time I was care free and loving every aspect of my youth. I’m very excited to see how everyone welcomes AAF back into the fold. The crowd this night was really amped!


When I arrived, Charlotte’s own O.I.L. was just about to go on. They opened with some familiar Deftones riffs and went right into what I would like to call “Teddy Bear Metal.” You want to hug your partner after the annihilation.


Up next were London, UK band H2NY. I was smitten immediately due to the touching unique vocals and duo guitars. They closed the show with ‘Bleed’ – the opening single from their forthcoming debut album, Tremor.  It was by far my favorite of the set.

H2NY (6)

They will blow the roof off the industry with their scintillating ballad-esque writing and cheeky humor. They are sure to be a 2015 New Smash Artist listee.

H2NY (7)

Another fun tidbit, they came out in the crowd afterward to sign some shirts and take some photos with the lucky new fans.

H2NY - FB (2)
After H2NY vacated the stage, the pop punk-rock stallions Kaleido (Detroit, Michigan) kung-fu kicked their way on stage.

Kaleido (8)

They were a distinctive bunch: Mohawks, bright red sneakers, stripes for days, and the energy of a caffeinated kangaroo. They jumped, they kicked, they gyrated, they played karaoke with the crowd and did just about everything you would hope for in a kick ass show. Pure-unadulterated energy.

Kaleido (16)

Kaleido (2)

Kaleido (11)

Kaleido (13)

Kaleido (18)

Kaleido (22)

The men of the night walked on to an uproar of “Woo” and “Ah.” Vocalist Dryden Mitchell stepped onto stage as if they had never stopped touring.

Alient Ant Farm (23)

In between songs he would banter a bit and tell us how he was just “Fucking awful at this lead singer talking duty stuff.” Thankfully he was wrong, as we were given the special information that he had just found out an hour before that his wife was carrying a son. He was really blown away and said to be having trouble focusing a bit on the show, understandably. The crowd roared, welcoming his son into his reality. They touched on all the favorites, “Wish,” “Movies,” and “Courage.” Then we were given a taste of their newly released song ‘Homage‘, which we reviewed a few weeks ago. Having already heard the single, I belted the song out at the top of my lungs. They closed with the smash hit song that shot them to superstardom in 2001, their cover of Michael Jackson‘s “Smooth Criminal.” The crowd lost their collective shit. It was a blast! The night was a great blend of old and new, die-hard fans and newbies celebrating the beginning to the rebirth of Alien Ant Farm.

 Alient Ant Farm (12)


Alient Ant Farm (13)

Alient Ant Farm (3)

Alient Ant Farm (8)

Alient Ant Farm (4)

Alient Ant Farm (17)

Alient Ant Farm (22)

There will be a second leg to this tour and next time I hope Charlotte shows up to party!


See this tour if you can:

9/4 — Monroe, La. — Live Oaks Bar & Ballroom

9/5 — Brossard, La. — The Station Bar and Grill

9/6 — Houston, Texas — Scout Bar

9/7 — Dallas, Texas — Trees

9/9 — Corpus Christi, Texas — Zero’s

9/11 — Lubbock, Texas — Backstage Lubbock

9/12 — Albuquerque, N.M. – Launchpad

9/13 — Scottsdale, Ariz. — Pub Rock Live

10/4 — Sacramento, Calif. — Rio Ramanza Marina

10/17 — West Hollywood, Calif — Whiskey A Go Go




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