King Charles at The Watering Hole, Perranporth


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This was my first visit to the up and coming music venue that is The Watering Hole in Perranporth. It was to be a very interesting night, and one I won’t forget for some time. Having never been to the venue before, the only thing I knew was that it was on the beach. My sat nav took me to the middle of the town, so I parked my car and headed to the beach. I found the venue and it was already looking pretty full, so I entered and went in search of a good view point. The stage is set in the middle of the bar, and you can get a good view from most of the venue. There were two support bands listed. The first of these made their way onto the stage spot on time at 9pm.

Sam Williams and the Flock Of Bats (3) copy

This is a band I had seen a couple of times, and they seem to be working very hard making a name for themselves around Cornwall as a great live act. The band in question is Sam Williams and the Flock Of Bats, who play a blend of indie folk rock. This is by far the best I have heard from them to date, and they are improving each time I see them play live. The vocals and music blend is very mellow, but when they speed things up they can certainly rock with the best of them. They played for about 30 minutes which seemed to fly past. They left to a round of applause from the crowd, many of whom were asking for one more song. Next up was a male solo performer whose name was not listed in any of the venues information, and I didn’t catch his name on the night so he will be known as Mr X. Mr X seemed well known by the front row of the crowd who consisted of girls between the age of 18- 25, and is probably a local act. His songs seemed very well written, and he sounded very good live. He played some acoustic numbers as well as a few on his electric guitar, but it was whilst playing his acoustic guitar he sounded best. The crowd was loving each song, and when he added a few extra songs at the end of his set most of the crowd seemed very happy.

King Charles 330 copy

The usual wait between bands then occurred as the stage was set up for King Charles. I had read that he was due to start at 10pm, but it was 10-30 pm before he and his band appeared. This explained why Mr X played a few extra songs. I had the pleasure of seeing King Charles a few months back when he played to a sold out crowd at the Princess Pavilions in Falmouth, so I was eager to see how he sounded in a much smaller venue. Again, I was not to be disappointed as the sound at The Watering Hole was top notch. King Charles and his band, although they were a little short of room on the stage, all had smiles on their faces. I can only assume that this is partly due to the reaction of the audience who were dancing unashamedly to the tunes. King Charles has a very unique style. It’s one that’s going to take him places, and hopefully some major success he deserves won’t change him. I left the venue just as the last song of the set started. It was very late and I had a 545am start the next day, but as I left via a different door into total darkness it took me some time to gather what direction I needed to go. I eventually found my car and headed home happy that I had made the trip to see such a great performance from a natural performer.

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