August at The Milestone: What’s Going On At a Local Music Favorite

If you’ve attended any amount of shows in the Queen City, you’ve most likely paid a visit at some point to The Milestone Club. Local and national favorites alike have flocked to this longtime Charlotte establishment, and it remains one of the better venues to kick back and relax with some live music. As summer winds to an end, there are quite a few fresh faces providing ample opportunities to party this month.

Forward hip hop artist Ceschi (pronounced chess-key) presents an intriguing style of, what he’s coined as, mathematical rap with technicalities accompanied by folk and indie rock. A pleasant blend of two modern genres, the MC considers himself a singer/songwriter at heart. While catching him live, you may experience a blend of progressive punk rock that’s hardened around the edges, or even a toned down folk ballad accompanied by acoustic guitar. An artist who is capable of transcending style and genre live in one sitting is something to see, so check him out Friday evening, August 8, along with The Little Books and fellow genre-blending MC, Mikal Khill, known for having founded hip hop group The ThoughtCriminals. On Saturday, August 9, you can catch Boston’s acoustic indie/folk-based Little War Twins, an eloquent and nostalgic collaboration of personality and emotion, along with The Fill Ins, Ink and Lead, punk-tinged Insubordination, and punk rock band Cemetery Thieves. Later in the week, on Wednesday, August 13, stop by and spend some time with Brooklyn trash punk band, WWIX, along with a few of Charlotte’s punk rock outfits Southside Punx, No Anger Control, and Drone.

The following weekend, you can check out Queen City rock ‘n’ roll crew International Scar Lovers accompanied by Drag Sounds on Friday night, August 15. Treat yourself to a whole lot of men with facial hair and heavily bass-lined metal and hard rock Saturday, August 16. Hardcore metal trio Mobile Deathcamp along with Turd Cutter, Faith and Fiction, and 77 Swindle will be there on Saturday while I’ll be turning another year older. Closing out the weekend on Sunday, August 17, are more metal groups including Promethean Horde, Servants of the Mist, Mysteriarch, and Riters to Sedition. Settling into mid-month is a treat for those of you who were punk rock fans back in the ‘90s. After forming in 1996 and releasing their career-defining album in 2003, The Ataris have been said to have redefined the indie punk genre with honest and precisely executed songs. Together on stage for the first time in a decade, The Milestone will host this sure-to-be incredible reunion Monday night, August 18. Assisting in this memorable night’s entertainment are some of Charlotte’s favorite indie and folk rock groups Hectorina, The Mineral Girls, and The Kyle Perkins Band. That week, you can also discover Ivy, Meat Group, YARBS, and K-9 Unit on Tuesday, August 19; Zulu Wave, Knowne Ghost, and The Business People on Wednesday, August 20; and Crunk Witch, Sext Message, Sulfur, and Blonde Heir on Thursday night, August 21.

Kicking off another killer weekend, multi-genre style group The Spice of Life, who are currently stirring up some new music for us, will perform with Lil Skritt and Dr. Cirkustien Friday night, August 22. Accompanying them during the weekend are a blend of folk and rock on Saturday, August 23, involving Jews and Catholics, Spirit System, The Dinner Rabbits, and Melt. New Jersey punk rock trio Black Wine joins Radical Discharge on Thursday, August 28, while North Carolina hard rock band FireFire takes the stage Friday, August 29, along with Viajando, rock ‘n’ roll group The Seduction, and blues/punk blend Jaggermouth. Another NC rock ‘n’ roll band, The Graveyard Boulevard brings their marriage of metal and punk to The Milestone Saturday night, August 30, accompanied by Old Scratch and October. Rounding out the final weekend of the month, Turd Cutter and Viajando return this time with Charlotte metal band Phthartic and HU/LK Sunday, August 31.

Doors open at 8pm every night and shows typically start around 9pm. Tickets range from $5-$10, and can be purchased here. For more info, visit The Milestone online.



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