UK Review: Morcheeba at Lusty Glaze

morcheeba (11) copy

This season’s Sundowner Sessions have been a little unlucky with the weather so far but at least the rain was on hold for the arrival of Morcheeba. I remember them having a big hit some years back but had little idea what to expect from the gig, so I arrived early, as not to miss anything.

The opening act came in the form of Chris Weston, whose acoustic folk sound was well received by the slowly swelling crowd. His short set gave everyone an idea of what to expect from the night but his twenty-minute set should perhaps been a little longer rather than having such gaps between bands.
Freedom-Guilt Equation (5) copy
Another local act, in the form of Freedom-Guilt Equation, were up next and with a much longer set than opener Chris. They set about getting the crowd in the mood with their ecliptic mix of sounds. They confessed to this being their biggest, ever gig and if they continue in this form, I’m sure they will have many more like this. They captured the moment well. Throwing in newly written material was a gamble that paid off and also gave the crowd an idea of just where the band are at this moment in time. Judging by the queue to purchase the bands EP at the end of their set, these guys will be playing venues like this on a regular basis.

morcheeba (2) copy

After what seemed like an eternity, it was at last time for Morcheeba. As the daylight changed to darkness, they appeared on stage and started to play. Now this is a type of music that I don’t tend to listen to and I wasn’t really expecting them to impress me but they did. Right from the off, it was clear as to just how good they sounded and the band’s singer Skye Edwards sounded awesome. Her fantastic vocals seemed effortless and when the band played what is probably their best known song, “The Sea,” it was as if the song had been written for this location.

The atmosphere was different to many gigs that I have been to and the somewhat chilled sound, mixed with the swaying crowd, made this one of the best gigs I have ever been to at Lusty Glaze. Thankfully, the overcast skies didn’t empty their contents on the sold-out crowd and everyone went home in a happy relaxed mood.


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Lusty Glaze


Chris Weston

The Freedom-Guilt Equation





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