PREVIEW: God Save the QC @ The Chop Shop

During summertime, particularly as it nears a close and those with summer breaks are counting down the last remaining days, there’s only one thing better than live music– a full blown music festival with all (or at least most) of your favorite local and surrounding artists and bands. Yes, I’m talking your favorite singer/songwriters, indie rock, folk rock, classic rock and more. If there’s only one live music event you get in before fall awakens, this is the one to lock on. This Saturday, August 9, The Chop Shop hosts God Save the QC’s 2014 festival and the line up is astounding. Beginning in 2011, the annual music event gathers together, under one roof, a wonderful blend of regional and national artists and bands.

From my neck of the woods, indie/folk rock family affair Elonzo, hailing from Rock Hill,  will be there in all their multi-flavored glory. Locals Ancient Cities, Batsheet, Clear Plastic Masks, Late Bloomer, Renelvis, Toleman Randall, The Loudermilks, and Temperance League will also be on the bill, as well as one of my favorite Southern crews, The AM/FMs.

As for singer/songwriters, they’ve got some of those scheduled too. Charlotte’s whimsical and multi-talented innovative rock artist Benji Hughes is among the collection, as well as alt-country artist Johnny Fritz. Straight out of the Blue Ridge Mountains also comes Floating Action, an Asheville-based indie-folk crew and Nashville indie duo JEFF The Brotherhood, occupied by brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall. Also spawned from Nashville is garage band style, blues and rock group Natural Child and Americana country-rock blend Promised Land Sound. Also on the bill are a couple more Southern-inspired groups such as Nashville indie and alt-country group The Apache Relay and another brotherly duo, Sinners and Saints.

Doors open up at 2:30pm Saturday afternoon and tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door. For more information, ticket purchases and to check out samples of this year’s lineup, visit




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