UK Review: The Pixies rock Eden

tricot (27)

I can’t think of a much better way to spend a summers evening, than to visit Cornwall’s iconic Eden Project for one of their famous Eden Sessions. This years sessions have once again been a big hit and tonights show is no exception, having one of Americas top alternative rock bands, The Pixies as headliners. The Boston based group boast some very important people as fans, ranging from the likes of David Bowie and Bono through to Thom York. The support of the night came from Tricot, a Japanese alternative all female rock band. This meant it was going to be a good night.

tricot (20)

Many had arrived early to get a good viewing position and they let off a loud cheer as Tricot made their way onto the Eden stage. Tricot in full flow are a very interesting band to see and hear live and I really enjoyed their forty minute set. They sing in Japanese so I didn’t understand a word but I liked the vibe I was getting from them as they played their rocky set. The band who are all girls, consist of two guitarists, one of whom is also the main singer, a bass player and a drummer. Even though they looked young in years Tricot had a very mature sound that I really enjoyed and judging by the response from the crowd I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed their set.

Pixies at Eden 335 copy

The usual changeover between bands left the crowd with plenty of time to buy food and beer. Naturally these areas of the Eden Project were ram packed with fans stocking up on supplies. After a forty minute wait, the Pixies made their entrance and those left in the food and drink areas made a dash to the arena to avoid missing anything. The Pixies set had a false start and  frontman, Black Francis explained they often get that bit wrong so they started the song again.

Pixies at Eden 355 copy

With a 29 song setlist, they planned on making the best of their trip to Cornwall and plowed on through many fan favorites. I was a little disappointed that there was very little interaction with the crowd, as I think this adds to a band’s performance but it did keep the unique atmosphere of the venue intact. This atmosphere became even better as the light faded and the stage lighting took full effect. This was best viewed from near the back of the arena, where you can also see the bio domes that are lit up in different colors.

Pixies at Eden 348 copy

As the show went on, the crowd showed their appreciation for the performance as they rocked out with the band and I am sure this took the band to another level. Song after song came and went and the hour and a half they played seemed to fly by. After their final song, the band all came to the front of the stage, raising their hands in thanks to the crowd. After, they made their exit and the show was over. This was the signal for people to rush for the exit, as they attempted to beat the chaotic traffic  that often occurs when thousands of people leave at the same time. The Eden Project was once again, the perfect venue for music but it’s when you get a proper band playing that it’s at its very best so lets hope that next years sessions bring much of the same.


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