5 Reverb Artists to Say Yes to….Week 1

New column, coming your way!  We are accepting Reverb Nation submissions to have your band reviewed, interviewed, or land you on our “5 Artists to watch out for” or possibly our “5 Artists that are actually artists?” list. Come on a musical journey with us this week with these 5 bands to say yes to.

5 Reverb Artists to Say Yes to….Week 1

1. Analog Daze (Rock | Charlotte, NC) http://www.reverbnation.com/Analogdaze

Charlotte locals, Analog Daze, have a classic fun sound that make you want to go to your nearest venue and kick back with a bunch of friends, swig a beer and slap your knees on a Friday night. The night that turns into a Sunday afternoon and you still cannot find your pants. Listen, love, and go support them.

2. Stitched Up Heart (Metal | Hollywood, CA) http://www.reverbnation.com/Stitchedupheart

This band is full on pop-metalcore straight out of Hollywood California. While I don’t like to say this band sounds like “X” band, I am going to say this… if you tend to lean toward the fun sound of Paramore you’ll definitely enjoy this female fronted version with growls and  breakdowns. Cannot wait to see them live.

3. Shinobi Ninja (Rock | Brooklyn, NY) http://www.reverbnation.com/ShinobiNinja

Brooklyn, NY has done it again. The mecca of hip-hop and rock brings us to Shinobi Ninja. The energetic band brings flavor, they are genre-bending mixologists. Saving only the best of most worlds to blend some intense dynamics into a solid sound. If you want to dance in your car on the way to work or the gym, find them and push play.


4. Face the King (Rock | Amityville, NY) http://www.reverbnation.com/facetheking

Could very well see this band flooding the airwaves, at any moment, with interesting soundbites and catchy hooks. It’s hard to turn this album off.  The mix of heavy guitars and angelic vocals with smart writing is like a model for up and coming bands to follow. This is a band I will say “I told you so” a few years from now.”

5.  G Dot (Hip Hop | Dallas, TX) http://www.reverbnation.com/originalgdot

G Dot is currently the only unsigned independent Hip Hop MTV artist to date. He seems to be channeling Tupac with a sprinkling of down home southern hip-hop. I’ll take a side of sweet tea and a long ride on 85 for my listening pleasure.



Until next week, make sure to submit your band on Reverb Nation to us here.



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