Exclusive Interview with Black Star Riders: The New Sound of a Classic Band

It’s not very often you get the chance to see rock ‘n’ roll legends play a show at a small, intimate venue, so why pass up the opportunity when you get that chance? On June 5th Black Star Riders will be rolling through Charlotte and making a stop at Amos’ Southend for what will be one of the best rock shows of the year. They’ll be accompanied by one of Charlotte’s most entertaining groups, 21st Century Goliath, on a night that no true rocker will want to miss.

Who are Black Star Riders, you may be asking? Well if you know who classic rock icons Thin Lizzy are, you already know half the answer. They were one of the biggest, baddest bands in the 1970’s but tragedy struck when vocalist/bassist and chief songwriter Phil Lynott passed away in 1986. In 2010 original Thin Lizzy members Scott Gorham and Brian Downey were joined by other big name rockers to tour playing the bands classic tunes but after many lineup changes and tours, the band decided it was time to record a new album. Out of respect for Lynott, they didn’t want to do it under the Thin Lizzy name, thus the birth of Black Star Riders.The band now consist of guitarist’s Gorham and Damon Johnson, bassist Marco Mendoza, drummer Jimmy DeGrasso along with vocalist/guitarist Ricky Warwick.

After recording their debut album All Hell Breaks Loose in just twelve days in 2013, they set out to tour Europe and are now bringing their upbeat, dueling guitar, Irish rock sound to America. Along with songs from All Hell Breaks Loose, Black Star Riders will be playing some Thin Lizzy classics when they take to the stage. A show like this at a smaller venue will be an experience you’ll be talking about for years to come and with a good possibility of tickets selling out, you better get them now. If by any chance you still need convincing, listen to what frontman Ricky Warwick had to say about the band and tour when I spoke with him on the phone recently.

Now that you know about the iconic history of Black Star Riders and how amazing this show is going to be, you should already be counting down the days until the show. Not only will you get to see members of the legendary Thin Lizzy up close and personal, but you will be greeted by the monstrous sound of Charlotte natives 21st Century Goliath as they open the show. Be sure to get your tickets soon and get to the venue early, this ones going to be insane.





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