UK Review: Fall Out Boy with New Politics and The Pretty Reckless

With Fall Out Boy back from a three year hiatus it was only a matter of time before they visited the UK again. I was fortunate to catch them on the first date of their UK tour at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. They brought with them two fantastic support bands in the form of New Politics, who I had not come across before, and The Pretty Reckless. Before the show a line of fans surrounded the venue with the first of them queueing up ten hours before the doors opened in an attempt to get to the venues barrier for the best view. I managed to get to the second row of the crowd and had a perfect view but was now in the crush as everyone tried to get the best view of the gig. After a half hour of waiting New Politics took to the stage and the surge of people from the back of the venue meant the crush became even worse. The frontman for the Danish pop punk rockers, David Boyd, hit the stage dancing but his initial dance moves just didn’t go with the bands music. His moves reminded me of a 50’s rockabilly and as he wiggled his hips the girls amongst the crowd gave out a huge cheer. Unfortunately I didn’t pick up much on the band’s music as I spent my time observing the singers dances moves that impressed the crowd but not me. At one point David came out into the crowd and stood just behind me on an older fans shoulders before returning to the stage for some more dancing. This time the dance moves included backflips and whilst doing these he hit one of the front of stage monitors, knocking it from the stage and nearly falling with it but this didn’t deter him. Moments later he was spinning around on his back like a break dancer before flipping up into a headstand. This fine dancing display certainly made for a great display but like I feel it took away from the impact of their music.

Next up were The Pretty Reckless who had only just released their second album “Going To Hell” and are fronted by the beautiful Taylor Momsen. Their set took the crowd to a different level and was probably appreciated more by the heavy rock fans in the crowd. They sounded good but again it was the dancing of Taylor that caught my eye. Her raunchy, somewhat provocative dance moves meant that the it was the males in the crowd who were now being entertained. But it was not just about how good she looked or how she moved as with the rest of her band they set about showcasing some of their very impressive hard rocking new material. Their showmanship didn’t distract from their music and their performance made me want to add their music my collection. Mark Damon must be one of the coolest looking dudes I have ever seen playing bass guitar, and his precise, thumping playing style gives the group a strong foundation. Damon’s work combined with the powerful singing of Momsen and the fantastic guitar skills and Jimmy Page-like riffs of Ben Phillips make The Pretty Reckless one of the best support bands i’ve seen in a long time.

The break from the end of The Pretty Reckless set to the beginning of the Fall Out Boy set was far too long and the fact that everyone in the crowd was now crushed at the front meant that many fans were passed over the barrier as they started to faint in the heat. The venues bouncers and staff helped the best they could by handing cups of water into the crowd to help keep them hydrated and were very quick to help out the fans in trouble. The lights dimming signaled the start of another push from those at the back but no one was going anywhere as there was not an inch to spare anywhere at the front.

Fall Out Boy hit the stage wearing balaclavas that they quickly removed after the opening song and from then on they played at full tilt for the best part of an hour. The crowd were lapping it up and going wild for Fall Out Boy and the fact that everyone was squashed didn’t matter anymore. Their mix of material was crowd-pleasing and they sounded as good as ever. The fans were still pushing from the back and even when bass player Pete Wentz asked the crowd to move back so the people at the front could have some more room it didn’t make any difference. The band were being filmed as they played and the footage was displayed behind the band on a large screen.This screen came into full effect when the band left the stage for a break and whilst they were gone, fans were treated to a video interview from the one and only Iggy Pop. The video was an interview Iggy Pop did for the Peter Gzowski’s 90 Minutes Live show in 1977 after the network wouldn’t allow his band to perform. The interview shows Pop talking about punk,performing and the power of music.This video proved to be just a distraction method as when it had finished playing the band were now sat at the back of the venue on a floating stage and this got the loudest cheer of the night. Those who had been crushed at the front all night were now at the back of the gig and this I thought was a nice touch by the band as now everyone in the venue had got to see them up close. After several acoustic songs everyones eyes went back to the main stage as Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley started a drum solo. Near the end of this he was joined again by his bandmates for several more songs including my highlight of the night, the song “Dance Dance” which also seemed to go down well with everyone around me. A few songs later the set was over and the happy crowd filed out. The stage show and the quality support bands coupled with the perfect sound quality made this a great gig and lets hope Fall Out Boy don’t take too long to come and visit the UK again. Although some may say Fall Out Boy are past their best album wise they are certainly at their peak live and put on a fantastic show.


New Politics setlist

  1. Give Me Hope

  2. Dignity

  3. Tonight You’re Perfect

  4. Just Like Me

  5. Fall Into These Arms

  6. Harlem

  7. Yeah Yeah Yeah


The Pretty Reckless setlist

  1. Follow Me Down

  2. Since You’re Gone

  3. Miss Nothing

  4. Heaven Knows

  5. Sweet Things

  6. Cold Blooded

  7. My Medicine

  8. Make Me Wanna Die

  9. Going to Hell


Fall Out Boy setlist

  1. The Phoenix

  2. I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me

  3. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More “Touch Me”

  4. This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race

  5. Alone Together

  6. Guitar Solo

  7. Thriller

  8. Death Valley

  9. Sugar, We’re Goin Down

  10. Young Volcanoes

  11. Beat It

  12. (Michael Jackson cover)

  13. Iggy Pop Interview

  14. I’m Like a Lawyer with the Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You)

  15. (Acoustic)

  16. Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy

  17. (Acoustic)

  18. Drum Solo

  19. Dance, Dance

  20. Just One Yesterday

  21. I Don’t Care

  22. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)

  23. Encore:

  24. Save Rock and Roll

  25. Thnks fr th Mmrs

  26. Saturday



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