Durty Rockstar EP Review

For old school rock n’ roll fans, music has been more or less a disappointment over the last couple of decades. In an era dominated by pop, rap, and hip hop music, good old fashion rock  is hard to find. Finding new artists in the genre to spice up the same old songs and albums you listen to everyday may be even harder. You may have to dig deep but there are some gems out there to fill your ears with the sounds you’ve been craving. One of those little treasures is Durty Rockstar. Hailing from Greenville, South Carolina, Durty Rockstar combines a classic rock n’ roll  sound from the ‘80s with a little punk influence and throws in a little modernization. They bring the raw, riff-driven dirty sound back to rock n’ roll.

The band recently put out a five-song EP entitled, Red, White ‘N’ F**K You!, an album that adds excitement to any rock lover’s collection. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Aaron Lee, who recorded all guitars, bass and vocals on the EP, said “I didn’t have a plan on a specific sound I was going with on this EP. I like to consider our sound “durty” rock n’ roll.” With the hard rock style and sound coming natural to him, he kicks off the EP with the song “RNFR.” Starting out with a riff that drives the song all the way through, this song is a hard-edged, blues-oriented, freight-train ready to steamroll anyone doubting the power of the band. The vocals bring a more punky side to the song, This is a rock lovers dream come true. At 3:49 in length, it will only take half that time to be consumed by the music; you’ll be singing along to the catchy chorus in no time.

“Bad Kitty” is the next song on the EP. It’s a song based around a ripping guitar riff that fits in perfectly with the melody of the vocals and the fast-paced, upbeat sound of the drums. This track proves that these guys aren’t just another rip off imitation band. The song slows it down for a few seconds in the bridge, with the bass and drums holding up the beat, and sets up a guitar solo full of passion that comes out in every note. “Young and Reckless” and “AWGFT,” Lee says, were written last year while the band was “on a good run.” Both songs are blues-based hard rock songs that brings a change of pace to the album.

The last song on the EP, “Jade’s Smile,” Lee wrote when he was about 19 and “just waited til the right time to fully construct, record and release it.” This song is the perfect example of how to mix classic rock with a modernized rock sound. Starting off with a clean guitar during the intro, the song builds around an upbeat guitar riff that kicks off the verse and continues into the chorus. The blues-influenced guitar licks played throughout the bridge slow down to the pace of the intro, giving the song a kind of haunting mood.

Rock n’ roll fans can rejoice with the release of this EP.  Red, White ‘N’ F**K You! brings the raw, hard-edged, dirty sound that music had been missing for so long back. When asked about what was next for Durty Rockstar, Lee said, “I wanted to follow up the , EP with a few shows to help promote the release, but I’m currently looking for a bass player and drummer. So I’m just trying to push the EP and get it reviewed by a few places and see if the style and music attracts interest from any labels or potential investors that may wanna help the band succeed.” Hopefully they can find what they are looking for because, judging from this EP, Durty Rockstar is a band rock n’ roll needs to keep on running.



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