Beats Antique at Chop Shop

If you are familiar with Beats Antique then you are likely aware that when you go to a Beats Antique show you are in for a performance that will engage you in a way that many others do not. Beats Antique brought their A Thousand Faces Tour (which was a Kickstarter Project) to the Chop Shop stage on the very night that their new album of the same name was released and there was a very excited crowd awaiting them to take the stage. If you have not been to a show at the Chop Shop over the last few months, then you must have not been paying attention. They have been bringing in tons of great acts and on a night like this it was clear that the Charlotte audience is coming out and supporting their efforts.

The show began very promptly with Sorne opening the night and welcoming the growing crowd with his blend of percussion, electronic, and falsetto singing that established a rhythm that we would see echoed the remainder of the evening. The second act for the evening was musician ill-esha who with the aid of her computer, loop pedal, and an array of electronics carefully crafted a full on electronic set that, when accompanied by her singing, got the crowd moving, dancing, and settled in. There was no mistaking who the crowd was there to see and as Beats Antique took the stage and jumped right in, the crowd was sure to let them know that they were ready to see what this new stage show was about to bring. It was great to see the elements of their show come to life and the accompanying music and performance really helped to communicate the concept that the band has developed for their “A Thousand Faces” tour and album. Overall this was a great show, great crowd and venue for the night. It was apparent that everyone there to witness this performance was blown away and really appreciated such a unique show.


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