The Mainstream: Tonight Alive “The Other Side”

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Sporting more pop punk sound in the vein of Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, and Divided By Friday, Aussie pop/power pop punk outfit Tonight Alive is back with their new album The Other Side. It’s an aptly titled record, as Tonight Alive are about to find out what life is like on the other side of major pop punk stardom.

Tonight Alive doesn’t really deliver anything new or unique with their tried and true pop punk sound, but where some bands simply ape the genre’s signature power chord riffs and melodramatic posturing and lyrics, Tonight Alive actually infuses it with some true emotional weight. This is undoubtedly the result of lead singer Jenna McDougall’s vocals. With a voice that is somewhere between Avril Lavigne and former Flyleaf lead singer Lacey (Mosely) Sturm, McDougall really nails the pop rock vocals needed to give depth to the solid, but oft heard before around the genre, riffing of Whakaio Taahi and Jake Hardy. The chemistry between the band members, and the distinguishing grace that is McDougall’s vocals, are readily apparent on tracks like the fist pumper “Lonely Girl” (one of the album’s standout tracks), and the soaring “Hell and Back.” Strong tracks like these make up for the one listen and done tracks like “Come Home” that pop up here and there on The Other Side. Speaking of the other side, the album’s title track, with it’s teenage love forlorn lyrics might at first seem like another one of those one and done tracks, but McDougall’s vocal delivery and some rather inspired riffing from Taahi and Hardy turn this teenage heartbreak song into something worth repeat listens. The well placed acoustic guitar work helps here as well. It’s the tracks like “The Other Side,” “Lonely Girl,” and “Hell and Back” that are going to introduce Tonight Alive to the superstardom side of the pop punk scene (naturally) and the bigger world of alt-rock/pop rock (expansively).

Tonight Alive is one of those unique bands that stands out amongst their peers in a yet another crowded musical genre. Even more interestingly though, Tonight Alive actually just might get better with time and maturity. They are already displaying a maturity that belies their genre’s, at times, immature melodrama.


For more Tonight Alive visit their site here.   

Tonight Alive returns stateside for several dates on Oct 13th.

For more tour information click here.



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