Gallery & Exclusive Interview with Hank 3

Written by: Hayley Herman |Photos by: Kim Casanova
Hank III

Hank 3 has built a unique following of his own, given his family’s history. When you think of the Williams family, you might think of Country Music royalty. After going to the Hank 3 show at Amos’ Southend, I realized that there is much more than country that runs in the Williams family’s blood. The wildly punk/metal sound that Hank 3 creates and breeds with his bluegrass and country music roots is a force to be reckoned with.

A couple of days after the show, I had the honor of getting a phone call from the man, himself. I was nervous before the call but after speaking with him, he reminded me of every respectable artist I’ve ever met. He just wants to put on a great show and make people forget their worries for a night.

Once I got him on a different subject (other than his disappointment with the Charlotte show) he talked about his Grandfather Hank Williams Senior and the influence of his family in his music. He explained his grassroots punk rock venue, how he met the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, the genre of music he created called Cattle Core, and his favorite cuss words. And of course he let me know a little more about his new albums that are coming out beginning of October and how he’ll be touring for the next few years.

Hank 3 was the most humble man I’ve interviewed and he is very honest with his fans. He was very unhappy with how the show went here in Charlotte, which caught me a little off guard. Hank strongly felt that the crowd was robbed of the real Hank 3 experience due to his late set time and curfew, among other things he felt went wrong. But never worry, he got me excited for the next Hank 3 show coming to Charlotte in which he wants to make it up to us. Until next time, Hank 3!


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