Exclusive Interview: Beyond the Fade

Beyond The Fade

Charlotte hard rockers, Beyond the Fade, took the stage at the Chop Shop in NoDa recently, putting on a great show, also giving a very interesting interview afterwards. The band, consisting of members Johnny Rochester on bass, Brandon Strickland on lead guitar, Jesse Lee on drums, vocalist Neil Jackson and Ben Davis on rhythm guitar, played a set full of high energy rock n’ roll that got a positive reaction from the crowd after each song. It was nothing new for the guys, over the years they have won over crowds from all around their hometown of Charlotte, NC.

From the moment they started the first song, you could see the passion each of them has for their music just by watching them run around full of energy and love for what they do in true rock n’ roll fashion. The crowd at the Chop Shop wasn’t the biggest the band has played to, however they put everything they had into their performance, making it seem like they were playing to thousands of fans. Each member has his own unique way of performing. While bassist, Johnny Rochester, stomped around, spinning in circles and running from one side of the stage to the other, vocalist Neil Jackson continually took advantage of the risers, doing everything in his power to get the crowd involved.

Neil, at a point during the last song of the set, leaped in the air to land right into the center of the crowd. When it came time for one of his melodic, shred-style solos, lead guitarist Brandon Strickland kept his head banging to the beat of the music, jumping to the center riser. Rhythm guitarist Ben Davis, who is the newest member of the band, continually lifted his guitar in the air, swinging it back down to his side with intensity and drummer Jesse Lee handled most of the back-up vocals, all-the-while bringing his metal background out in his fills and spinning his sticks.

After the show, I was finally able to round the guys up and caught up with them for an interview, an expected an adventure in its own with the members being their normal, joking selves.




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