This Week at The Fillmore Charlotte

The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC has some big name artists and great shows coming up in the first full week of September. On Tuesday, September 10th, the legendary punk band Rancid with openers Tim Time Bomb take over the stage for what should be an intense night of performances. The following night, indie rock band on the rise, The National, with special guest Frightened Rabbits from Scotland are sure to win over new fans when they perform. The Good Vibes Tour featuring Rebelution and Matisyahu comes to town on September 12th, bringing fans of rock, reggae, hip-hop, and ska together for an amazing night of music. Ending the week off, Swedish electro/dance artist Adrian Lux will make an appearance on September 14th with no shortage of good music and good times to be had.


On Tuesday September 10th, old school punk rockers Rancid will take over the Fillmore stage along with special guest Tim Time Bomb and friends. If you are a fan of rock music, this is a must-see show. Rancid has been keeping punk rock strong and alive since forming in 1991 and are one of the most influential bands of the genre to come out of the ‘90s. Just as intense during their live set as they were 20 years ago, they also bring the sounds of ska punk into the mix adding a reggae vibe to their punk style, making them a very versatile and interesting live act. This is your shot to see living legends of the punk rock scene in action, with few bands from that era of music still around, Rancid proves that they cannot, and will not be forgotten, keeping punk alive and well in the modern era of music dominated by pop artists.


Also on the bill are Tim Timebomb and Friends, consisting of Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong along with other members of Rancid. These guys do it all during their live set, from covers of other projects he has played with in the past, including Rancid and The Transplants, as well as other artists including George Strait, the Ramones, Social Distortion, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Creedence Clearwater Revival, NOFX, the Rolling Stones, and Elton John, to originals Tim has written over the years. Expect to hear a little bit of everything from the golden age of punk as well as tracks never previously played live. Make sure you get to the venue early enough to see these guys bring just as much intensity and chaos to the stage as the headliners. This is going to be a great night of rock n’ roll. Tickets are $25 and the doors open at 7pm.


The National will be rockin the Fillmore on September 11th. The indie rock band based out of Brooklyn, NY have been on the rise since forming in 1999, bringing a unique blend of indie rock, post punk, and indie folk to the fans. If you are a fan of indie music be sure to make it out to see these guys on Wednesday night. The Bonnaroo alumni will get you lost in the music during their set with mesmerizing guitar riffs, upbeat drums and added horns that fill out their music and separate them from other indie artists. This show is a must see for fans of the lighter side of rock. With the band’s rising popularity, the next time they come around it will probably be at an arena, which is more the reason to check them out now and see and hear the show up close and personal. They are currently supporting the release of their latest album, Trouble Will Find Me. Released in May of 2013, the album has reached #3 on both the Billboard 200 and the UK album chart.


Also on the bill for this show are Frightened Rabbit from Scotland. As the opener, these guys also fall into the indie rock/folk genre, making them the perfect opener to keep the crowd pleased while awaiting The National. Since 2006, they have released four albums and five EP’s, so there should be no problem finding music from these guys beforehand to prepare yourself for the show. For the concert-goer wanting to see a band full of musicians that love what they do and are full of talent on every instrument, this is your chance. They’re not coming all the way from Scotland to put on a mediocre show, they are going to bring everything they have to earn the respect from the crowd and make sure they are being talked about even after returning back home. Tickets for this show are $44.50 after fees from Live Nation and doors open at 8pm.


The Good Vibes Summer Tour hits Charlotte on Thursday, September 12th. This tour features headliners Rebelution and opening act Matisyahu. Rebelution’s music can be put into multiple genres including reggae, rock and world – they are a very versatile band and bring a little bit of everything to their live shows. The band’s latest release, Peace of Mind, which they put out on their own label, 87 Music, reached #13 on the billboard top 200 and #4 on iTunes last year. These guys are sure to make any audience get up and dance and just give an overall good feeling to the venue with the cheerful strumming of the guitar, easy to dance to beats played on the drums and bass, and added keyboards that put even more melody to the already catchy music and lyrics. The band leaves it all out on the stage while performing, putting their heart and soul into the music for all the people to soak up. Your mind will be cleared and relaxed by the constant vibe put out through the set. With no love for this type of music in the mainstream media, it may be hard to find the artists that play it, but Rebelution are definitely one of the frontrunners in the genre. Matisyahu, an artist from Brooklyn, NY who is classified as reggae, hip-hop, and rock, is the opening act for the night.


Matisyahu has been playing all over the world since 2005 in clubs, arenas, and at festivals of all sizes, bringing a ton of talent to each and every performance. Matisyahu will surprise anyone new to his live show, and further impress those that have seen a show in the past with the raw talent he has, always adding new tricks to his set, and the passion he brings to his performances. With a backing band that puts the perfect blend of rock, hip-hop and reggae into the music and the unique way Matisyahu sings the lyrics, you will quickly get sucked into the performance, sinking further into the art with every word sang and note played from the time the music starts until they put down their instruments. The duo of these two bands makes for a killer show for music lovers of the genres rock, hip-hop and reggae. Tickets for this show are $30 and doors open at 7pm.


On Saturday, September 14th, Drop !t – Featuring Adrian Lux will take over Charlotte to make, I’m sure, what will be a night full of good music and fun times. Adrian Lux is a dance/electro artist from Sweden that works non-stop to get the best possible techno and house dance music to clubs and venues all over the world. Sweden is known for having some of the best pop, dance, and techno music in the business and Adrian Lux is on the rise as one of their best in the industry. Fans of dancing can’t afford to miss this Saturday night show that will keep you on your feet from start to finish. Adrian is capable of giving you a feeling of euphoria when he takes to the controls and unleashes a non-stop flow of beats and remixes that will wash your worries away and keep you dancing. Getting into his performance more than most DJs by standing on top of his booth and dancing himself, he can get the crowd even more into the music song after song. This is an 18+ show, tickets are $13 and doors are at 9pm.

From punk to dance music, there will be a little bit of everything hitting the stage this week at the Fillmore, making it hard to not have at least one of these shows marked on your calendar. As always the Fillmore makes it possible to see such great live acts like punk legends Rancid and Tim Timebomb and Friends, indie artist the National and Frightened Rabbits, multi-genre artist Rebelution and Matisyahu and dance/electro performer Adrian Lux, bringing music that appeals to everyone to the city.



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