The Mainstream: Fueled By Fire

The Mainstream: Fueled “Trapped In Perdition” By Fire

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Good ole’ fashioned speed and thrash dominates Fueled By Fire’s third major release Trapped In Perdition. The quartet comprised of Rick Rangel (vocals), Chris (guitar), Anthony Vazquez (bass), and Carlos Guiterrez (drums) blasts their way through 11 tracks that will have you fondly remembering the days when you had to hide your early Metallica albums from your parents and could only headbang and thrash when they were out shopping…that is if you grew up in a conservative household during the early 1980s. Sounding much better produced and a little bit heavier than those early Metallica thrash metal albums, Trapped In Perdition nevertheless owes its existence to Metallica (like almost every thrash metal band’s album does), so it’s great that they don’t exactly copy the early Metallica sound as much as make it their own.

Filled with some pretty gloomy lyrics (i.e. “The adversary, the devil, seeking for whom he can devour,” “Misery turns into suffering, agony consumes the entiy” etc. etc.), Trapped In Perdition is astoundingly uplifting thematically and sonically. Much of Rangel’s pronouncements are more is reaction to the evils to the world than in admiration of it. The hard and fast riffs coupled with the rapid fire drums and blazing solos are perfectly crafted cathartic mosh pit material…and the trash goes on, and on, and on…


Thing do slow down a bit here and there, like during the opening to “Forsaken Deity.” In fact the entire track manages to keep the pace under breakneck speed. The band more than makes up for the slower pace on “Forsaken Deity” throughout the next track “Profane Path,” a track that bewails the reign of the devil over human affairs (hey, at least they are “bewailing” this fact not celebrating it). The album’s strongest track “Obliteration” actually pretty straightforwardly addresses the hypocritic “soldier of God” (be them Western or Middle Eastern) and their penchant for killing in their God’s names. Moving between fast thrashing riffs and very solid solos and bridges, “Obliteration” is the most complete Fueled By Fire song ever. Clocking in at 4 minutes and 38 seconds it is the second longest track on the album, but in reality the following track “Abeyant Future (Outro)” is the proper third part of the song. They blend together very well and make for quite a powerful thrash/doom metal listen.

I truly believe that we, as a species, have entered a post-historical era of music. It’s all been done before, “there’s no new ideas in the house and every book has been read,” and if you have a niche (genre) you love then there are (and probably always will be) great new bands out there doing what gets you up (or off) quite well. Fueled By Fire is one of those bands for thrash metal heads.



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