Smashing Pumpkins at TWC Uptown Amphitheatre: Pumpkins SMASH Charlotte……Roar!

Written by: Dana Haidar | Photos by: Dianna Augustine

Smashing Pumpkins

As I walked up to the TWC Uptown Amphitheatre, small droplets of rain kissed my forehead. By the time I was under the awning of the box office, the rain had tripled in size and was pummeling anything in its path. I was terrified the show would get rained out. Thankfully it subsided within minutes and I was off to row 10, seat 13 to see the Smashing Pumpkins.

Smashing Pumpkins

At 30 years old, never did I imagine that I would be able to write about the band that motivated me through teenage angst. Smashing Pumpkins contributed so much to my auditory childhood. That being said, it was an honor to see them live for the first time. I was obsessed with them from Pieces Iscariot to Adore but we lost touch after that, so I was really excited to see what they had to offer. I am not going to lie, I wanted a classic set and was unsure of what this experience would bring me. To my absolute delight, they slayed my face off!

Smashing Pumpkins

Although Billy Corgan was the only original member left, they delivered their sweet jams as if it were original member approved. Their set list consisted of so many beautiful classics from Siamese Dream, Gish, Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness and Adore. Tears began streaming down my face during “Disarm” and were followed by involuntary beltings of joy and confusion throughout the rest of their performance. I couldn’t fathom that they were in front of me, playing my favorite songs. They played very few new jammers but I will say that I am very excited to reacclimate my love for them with their new material. Their new sound was sludgy and had an almost stoner/doom metal sound with Billy Corgan’s voice over it. I found it most majestic! The sound was incredible paired with their towering visual set-up. So much imagery flashed and was clearly geared toward any stoner in the crowd. Did I mention that the air was thick with weed smoke the entire time? I was praying for someone to pass me a joint, especially when they covered “Space Odyssey.” I could barely contain myself. They nailed the cover while Pumpkin-ing it out!
Smashing PumpkinsThe crowd was such a vast sea that I didn’t bother to look for friends. I just hoped that whoever was there was geeking out like I was. Their participation, however, was lackluster. Billy even took about 10 minutes to chat with us. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, but when it came down to rocking out, the crowd performance was disappointing. During “Zero,” when the line “God is empty just like me” was offered to the crowd to sing, I felt like I was the only one singing along. This happened more than once in the evening but it didn’t stop them from rocking out even harder. At one point Corgan said, “There are no rules here. Do whatever you want.” This was quickly followed by a joint being thrown onto the stage. The joint was accompanied by a lighter, then a t-shirt, then some panties. The largest rise from the crowd was the boo the band received after saying that they are “a drug-free band.” Corgan quickly mended the mood by admitting, “I have done more drugs than all of you combined.” I am just certain that is the case! Corgan is a veteran, for sure. Kinda wished that stage joint came my way… Regardless, they continued their set and played classic tunes, from “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” to “Ava Adore.” Once the set came to an end, I was so excited to see what kind of encore we would get, if we even deserved one. Alas, they graced the stage, playing the song “Today.”

Smashing Pumpkins

This was an extremely momentous speck of time in my life. Then and there was “the greatest day I had ever known” and I wouldn’t trade it for any other musical moment with the Pumpkins. I am so sorry for anyone who missed out on this tremendous event. I only hope that I could help you feel like you were there. And lesson learned; don’t be a stubborn frownie brownie like I was, and check out all the newer jams from the Smashing Pumpkins. Their latest album is called Oceania. If they come to a nearby city, make sure you get tickets to their Shamrocks and Shenanigans tour. You won’t regret it!

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Tour Dates:

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