The Mainstream: Tattermask “No More”


Charlotte area rockers Tattermask recently released their latest single, “No More,” and fortunately for all of us Tattermask fans  we won’t have to worry that the words “no more” will apply to any further new Tattermask music. You see, “No More” is intended to get you fired up for plenty more to come from one of the areas best rock/metal bands, as it is just a taste of what the band has in store for their next major full length album release.

“No More” comes on the heels of Tattermask’s major full length album release After the Storm (2011) and serves as a harbinger of things to come once their Kickstarter project gets funded. The band has plenty of material ready to go and is looking to land the expensive high-caliber recording/producing combo that is so important to the big labels, as well as new rock radio. After the Storm, a surprisingly solid and intricate debut album, radiantly displays the band’s talent and songwriting abilities. It’s a great listen, but “No More,” with it’s higher quality production really showcases just what it is about this band that makes them capable of dominating the mainstream.

Riding over top of Adam Blackmon (drums) and Harley Quinn’s (bass) incredibly tight rhythms and Josh Wright’s thick and chunky guitar riffs, of the type that drove Sevendust (another Southeast metal band) to the top of the rock/metal charts, Amanda Caine’s talented vocals tell the story of trust and love lost, an age old theme, with blunt eloquence. At times singing with pleading longing and at others with surprisingly strong, as well as discernibly feral, anger, Caines channels the best female rock vocalists of our time while simultaneously putting several of them to shame. “No More” is heavier than nearly anything the biggest female fronted “nu-metal” band Evanescence ever recorded, as well as smarter and more viscerally raw. There’s nothing “nu-metal” about Tattermask, but there is plenty that is powerfully plain and simple, balls to the wall, post-grunge metal.  To the intelligent ear, “No More” is simply another example of the penchant for writing great rock/metal that Tattermask displayed on After the Storm, but with the type of production values that the aforementioned major labels and rock radio crave.

That’s why I really hope that these guys and gals reach their Kickstarter goal and get that all important sophomore album recorded. You know that awesome local band that you just know everyone will love if they could just hear them? That’s Tattermask, and hopefully soon the mainstream will discover what the Charlotte locals have been digging for some time now.




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