Minus the Bear with Circa Survive – Fillmore Charlotte

Circa Survive



The Waves Overhead Tour featuring Minus the Bear and Circa Survive as dual headliners is coming to a close now but they made a stop to Fillmore Charlotte last week and Shutter 16 was there.



The night opened to an already decent crowd with the opening band for the tour, Now Now. They played a nice set of ambient up-tempo guitar-driven rock that really made them a good fit for this tour, even breaking out a xylophone on a track. The crowd seemed to really enjoy their sound but as a three-piece act with minimal equipment, they seemed somewhat engulfed by the large stage of the Fillmore. The Fillmore filled in a little more as their set progressed and by the end, was full of people ready to welcome the next act.

Circa Survive


This night saw Circa Survive as the second act with them and co-headliners Minus the Bear trading off turns from night to night. Circa Survive came out to a venue full of people there to see them and as we ventured from the front to the rear, lots of fans were engaged with their set, singing along with eyes glued to the front. Frontman Anthony Green was involved with the crowd from the very first song to the last, taking many opportunities to reach out to the fans up front. As the set moved along, Green was very talkative between songs, thanking everyone for coming out and really provoking the crowd to get involved. Green took a couple of opportunities to comment that the security up front looked bored and the crowd needed to give them something to do. Fun for everyone except the security, I would imagine. The crowd really seemed to listen and the crowd surfing picked up. Their set continued and I was very happy to see a turnout of fans that were very welcoming to a group that they clearly loved.

Minus The Bear


Finally Minus the Bear took the stage and with nothing more than a salute with a raised beer from lead singer and guitarist Jake Snider, they jumped directly into their first song. The crowd seemed to maintain their intensity between the two acts and it was really hard to tell if anyone there that night came specifically to see one band over the other. Minus the Bear maintained a steady pace as they worked through a setlist that spanned their albums pretty well. Not as engaging as Circa Survive was with the crowd, they seemed to let their music do the talking but that did not stop a very full Fillmore from participating and singing right along.
Minus The Bear The crowd even maintained a steady stream of crowd surfers through the remainder of their set. As their set began to come to a close, members of Circa Survive came back to the stage and with them they carried a birthday cake for Minus the Bear frontman Jake. Since it was his birthday, he got to blow out his candles and we all got to celebrate in a really cool moment. They finished up their songs in what seemed to be no time as both bands were co-headliners and performed shortened sets to accommodate.

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Minus the Bear: http://minusthebear.com twitter: @minusthebear
Circa Survive: http://circasurvive.com twitter: @circasurvive
Now Now: http://nownowband.com twitter: @nownowband



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