News: Lamb of God Vocalist Randy Blythe arrested in Prague, Charge? Manslaughter!

Lamb of God @ The National

Lamb of God Vocalist Randy Blythe arrested in Prague, Charge? Manslaughter!

Metal music sites are surging with information surrounding the arrest of Randy Blythe. Metal mastermind and lead singer of the infamous metal band Lamb of God, D. Randy Blythe, has been reportedly arrested on charges of manslaughter. The arrest stems from an incident that took place during Lamb of God’s performance on May 24th, 2010. The arrest specifics have been vague at best but word has it a fan jumped on stage during the set, resulting in a brawl with Blythe. The fan sustained head trauma and later succumbed to his injuries.

Lamb of God @ The National

The band’s performance scheduled tonight at Club Café in Prague was canceled, though management has not given any reason for the cancellation. However, a spokesperson for Lamb of God has stated that Blyth is “wrongly accused,” saying that the band’s “lawyers are dealing with it” and that “we expect him to be fully exonerated.”

Now to the Rumor Mill. Rumor has it a crazed fan jumped on stage, attempting to buck up to Randy. The fan was abruptly kicked off, allegedly resulting in a head injury. A few days later, the fan died. Seeing as the Rumor Mill often runs on hearsay, nothing can be said with certainty. As the story develops, we’ll be sure to update with any news.

Lamb of God @ The National

As to forming our own opinions, the underlying question is how can a band not use physical force when removing an unwanted fanatic? When is forcing a fan off the stage cross the line between appropriate and excessive? Is there a suitable way of kicking someone out? Fans overstep boundaries at shows more times than expected and physical force is often the response, although musicians have different ways of dealing with it. Security is a necessity for the safety of musicians and concert-goers.

Queens of the Stone Age, give a fan a reality check that it’s THEIR F*CKIGN STAGE

Here Maynard, of Tool, is forced to do some Jujitsu moves and ends up fighting a fan

System of a Down bassist fights fan

Lastly a fave of ours Yelawolf punches a fan on stage

It’s always a problem when fans, hoping to meet their “gods,” breach the distance between audience and musician. There are rules for a reason – to keep us all safe, as fans, photographers, and performers. Blythe is currently being detained in a Czech jail, and no further news is coming out of his camp. We fully expect Metalheads to respond with T-shirts emblazoned with “Free Randy Blythe.” Metal manslaughter, you can’t get more fucking metal than that!


Lamb of God @ The National



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