Machete!, 2013 Wolves and Boolow at Common Market: Lighting the Night with Rats!

By: Dana Haidar

When I think of the Common Market’s fabulous back porch, I see it as a place where people come to drink beer and enjoy the company of their comrades. It never dawned upon me that a sludgy, stoner, metal, twang, punk rock extravaganza would ensue. Low and behold the narrow brick walls became an amazing mattress for sound to bounce off of into my ears! On May 7th, 2011, I had the pleasure of seeing 2013 Wolves, Machete!, and Boolow in this wonderful cave of sound. Let’s explore further, shall we?

First up was the thunderous rumble of the dynamic duo that is Machete! The drum heavy tunes with polyrhythmic bass lines make their sound a real treat! When I asked Jason Teeter (bass,vox) what he considered their style, he responded with “Old Fart Noise Core.” Some adjectives I would use to describe them are epic, encompassing, technical and progressive. Jason roars into the mic with an almost evil twinkle in his eye while Tobias beats the skins with awesome power. The combination of their brutal jams combined with the dim lighting and Common Market’s narrow bounce house of sound made this one of the best Machete! performances I have seen yet. You can catch them complimenting such bills as Jucifer and Kylesa. Be sure to catch them live for guaranteed face melting delights!

2013 Wolves was determined to keep the night rocking hard and they succeeded admirably! Neal MF Harper and Bobby Childers combine the likes of metal, country, punk, rock and even some blues to create an almost psychedelic experience when watching them. They tastefully call their style of music  Red Metal. Aside from the rockin musical trip, Bobby Childers always addresses his audience as “brothers and sisters,” giving it an almost church like feeling. Meanwhile Neal MF Harper wails on his guitar whilst gyrating and dancing with his pedal board. The duo both belt out lyrics wholeheartedly with epic presence. I can’t wait for our next service! J  What can I say about them that they cannot prove themselves! Check out this awesome 2013 Wolves video animated by our own Brennon Campbell!

Amidst the darkness came the lights, the RAT LIGHTS! Boolow came from Shelby, NC gracing the Plaza-Midwood with fancy light-up rat rings and encouraging audience participation. Their sound is like punky metal hardcore with a sort of country twang to it. Let me clarify by saying  that I am not talking about the skinny jeans, hair in your face, sissy whiny hardcore either. When I asked Jonathan Hughes from 25 Minutes to Go what he thought, he described Boolow as “The music baby of Agnostic Front and Skynard.” If you ask Boolow what they sound like, it would go a little something like “If you could hear your Pe-Paw fall from his walker and knocked your baby out of its high chair onto a rabid cat that was choking on a fish bone…..that is what we sound like.” As they rocked out, we all held our PBR’s and rat lights high with epic chants of “RAT LIGHTS, WHAT WHAT!!!” Twas a night of musical epic proportions! If you ever have a chance to catch 2013 Wolves, Machete! or Boolow live, I promise you won’t be wasting your time! Be sure to listen to tracks on their websites and help keep the talented local music scene of North Carolina alive.

Machete!Machete!Machete!Machete!2013 Wolves2013 Wolves
Boolow2013 WolvesBoolowBoolow2013 WolvesBoolow
Boolow2013 WolvesBoolow2013 Wolves


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